About you (including us)

We’re residents from across Headington who have come together to make better, safer and healthy neighbourhoods for everyone. We share an interest in reducing traffic in the area and are inspired by the model of low-traffic neighbourhoods.

We all wish for safer streets for our children travelling to school or nursery. We all want cleaner air. We’re pedestrians, car drivers and cyclists. We’re from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. We share a common desire to make our streets better places.

Residents have seen how quieter, safer streets have strengthened community ties and benefited our local shops and businesses. We have all enjoyed cleaner air and quieter neighbourhoods during lockdown. In response, our County Council is introducing low-traffic neighbourhoods across Oxford so that we can maintain those benefits when lockdown ends.

Together, our mission is to make public the huge support that already exists for the Council’s implementation of their low-traffic neighbourhoods across Oxford and Oxfordshire, and to make sure this is informed by the experience and needs of local residents.

Are you itching to be involved in improving our community? Get in touch at hello@headingtonliveablestreets.org.uk.

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If you support our aims and live or work in the Headington area, or regularly travel to or through it, why not become a member of our group? Membership is free. By becoming a member, you will: Help to demonstrate local community support for low-traffic neighbourhoods in Headington. Be able