All change at County Hall: what does this mean for our streets?

May's local elections brought about a change of administration at Oxfordshire County Council and with it a new determination to address Oxford’s traffic woes

All change at County Hall: what does this mean for our streets?

The Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT) surveyed candidates’ views on measures that improve conditions for active travel in the run-up to the recent elections; its report on the results can be found below.

The election results show a shift in favour of candidates who proactively supported measures to tackle congestion, road danger and pollution on our streets, with those who most strongly advocated for the trials of low traffic neighbourhood schemes actually increasing their share of the vote in some cases.

This appears to reflect voters’ concerns about these issues and suggests that, far from being opposed to schemes that enable more sustainable travel options, the majority of residents recognise that not addressing the county’s traffic problems is not an acceptable way forward.

The Cabinet at Oxfordshire’s new Fair Deal Alliance have made a commitment to work together to listen and create positive change. Watch this space...

2021 Election Survey Results - CoHSAT
2021 Elections Survey Results To help inform voters across Oxfordshire ahead of the local elections on 6 May 2021, CoHSAT sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates running in the county asking about candidates’ commitments to active travel.The results below relate to the following Council electi…

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