The irresistible rise of people-friendly, clean air cities

This Car Free Day, climate charity Possible celebrated the rise of people-friendly, clean air cities around the world.

Two women cycling either side of a planter within a low traffic neighbourhood
Image: Possible

Did you know that not a single pedestrian or cyclist died in a traffic incident in the city of Oslo in 2019?

This is the sort of amazing thing that can happen when the number of cars on our roads is reduced.

To celebrate World Car Free Day, Possible is highlighting what people around the world really think about car-free cities. (Spoiler: people love them.)

These stories show that the predicted problems hardly ever come about. People adapt their travelling habits, support gradually grows and the majority do not want to go back to how things were before.

Possible has brought together success stories from every corner of the globe onto one inspiring, interactive map:

Explore a world of Car Free Cities
This is what people really think about traffic calming measures where they live.

More from Possible:

Possible says: “Would you like to see more traffic filters around your streets? Why don’t you write to your local councillor and ask them to read our survey results and respond with a firmer commitment to introducing modal filters/LTNs?”

They have created an online form that makes this quick and easy. Head to this link to show your support:

Show your local Council that the public support traffic filters — Possible
Not only are traffic filters an inexpensive and effective way that Councils can make streets cleaner and safer, but, as our new research shows, they are overwhelmingly popular among those who are most affected by them. Let’s make sure our Councils know this.

Read Positive News’s report on this topic:

‘Cities have been invaded by cars. Now they are being liberated’ - Positive News
Private vehicles are being designed out of urban areas with encouraging results for communities and businesses