Headington to benefit from new bus services thanks to traffic filters

Headington to benefit from new bus services thanks to traffic filters

Oxford's traffic filter scheme is due to start in November 2024, about 5 years later than originally planned. With the core aim of tackling Oxford's centuries-old traffic problems to reduce congestion to the free-flowing traffic we see in school holidays, the anticipated outcome is significantly improved bus services throughout Oxford as set out in the County Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Once the traffic filters are in we are likely to see significant improvements to bus journey speed and reliability on all existing services as well as an exciting offering of new bus services in and around Oxford and Oxfordshire, which will operate from the first day of the Traffic Filters. See map below for detail of the affected routes.

The new/improved bus services that will benefit Headington include:

  • New Orbital service 600: Redbridge P&R – Oxford Science Park – Cowley – Headington – JR Hospital – Thornhill P&R.
  • Enhanced Orbital service 700: Kidlington – Parkway P&R – Summertown – JR Hospital – Churchill Hospital – Headington – Thornhill P&R, added weekend service in July 2023 in anticipation of the Traffic Filters.
  • Enhanced Witney & Orbital service H2: Carterton – Witney – Eynsham P&R – Peartree P&R – Summertown – JR Hospital – Headington. More frequent buses on this route.
  • Increased frequency on Park & Ride services on weekends and holidays, including Thornhill P&R.

In addition to these new and improved services, the whole of Oxford, including Headington, will benefit from 159 new electric buses, with no tail-pipe emissions, reduced noise levels and the latest inclusivity standards. Many of these electric buses are already in use on routes in Headington.

There is also a commitment from both Oxford Bus and Stagecoach to re-invest any savings made in running time into improved services.

Planned Oxford 'Eastern Arc' Bus Routes by the end of 2024

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For more information about the traffic filters visit Oxfordshire Liveable Streets' traffic filters microsite.