Build Back Fairer: addressing inequalities of access to Oxfordshire’s public space

Active Oxfordshire has launched a series of events to bring multi-sector partners together and consider how we might address inequalities of access to our streets, parks and other public spaces to shape Oxfordshire as a happier and healthier place.

A game of rounders in a park: one woman bowls and another bats
Image: Active Oxfordshire

Access to public spaces has long been recognised to produce positive health, environmental, economic, and social outcomes for residents who can access them.

In the second of their Build Back Fairer series of events, Active Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire Liveable Streets joined with Pamoja Oxfordshire & African Families in the UK to co-host Building Pamoja: Race & Cultural Inequalities in Oxfordshire’s public space, which featured the voices of local community organisers and Dianne Regisford, an Oxford-based social sculptor and researcher of urban poetics whose work includes specific focus on citizen agency in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This online event took place on 21 October 2021. If you missed it, you can read a summary of the event here:

Building Pamoja with People Like Me: addressing race & cultural inequalities in Oxfordshire’s public spaces.
Trust, support, openness to involve and collaborate. Some of the key ingredients in addressing race and cultural inequalities in access to Oxfordshire’s public spaces, raised by participants at Building Pamoja, the latest session in the Build Back Fairer series.... Read More »

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Building a Playful Oxfordshire: how child-friendly planning and design can save cities
Another chance to catch Oxfordshire Liveable Streets’ and Active Oxfordshire’s excellent online talk with Tim Gill, author of Urban Playground, which considered how viewing our neighbourhoods through the lens of children can make them better for everyone.

More about the Build Back Fairer series and upcoming events:

Build Back Fairer: new series of events