Can Low Traffic Neighbourhoods work for everyone?

What makes a street welcoming for everyone to use? Somewhere to stop and rest, shade and shelter, interesting things to see? The Global Centre on Healthcare & Urbanisation at Kellogg College, Oxford, recently hosted a public seminar to address this question as it relates to Oxford.

A woman stands on a crossing on a city street to photograph a green wall on the side of a tall building
Photo by Sirisvisual / Unsplash

The speakers at the event were:

  • Dr Rachel Lee, Policy and Research Manager, Living Streets
  • Patrick Lingwood, Active Travel Lead, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Lucy Saunders, Director of Healthy Streets
  • Dr Scott Urban, Hertford College and Director of Oxfordshire Liveable Streets

View a recording of the event:

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How healthy is your street?
A healthy street is one in which all people feel welcome, relaxed and safe, where people can choose to walk and cycle and spend time. The 10 Healthy Streets Indicators are the aspects necessary for streets to be inclusive, healthy environments.