How healthy is your street?

A healthy street is one in which all people feel welcome, relaxed and safe, where people can choose to walk and cycle and spend time. The 10 Healthy Streets Indicators are the aspects necessary for streets to be inclusive, healthy environments.

A wheel with different coloured segments showing the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators
The 10 Healthy Streets Indicators: Lucy Saunders, Healthy Streets

The Healthy Streets Approach is an evidence-based framework that was developed by public health and transport and built environment specialist Lucy Saunders on behalf of Transport for London.

This approach aims to embed public health in transport, public realm and planning and can be applied to any street, anywhere in the world.

It identifies 10 key indicators that should be prioritised and balanced to improve social, economic and environmental sustainability through how streets are designed and managed.

In this informative presentation, Lucy Saunders explains the need for healthy streets and talks through her 10 Healthy Streets Indicators:

How does your street measure up?

Why not use the resources provided by Healthy Streets to assess your own street?

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