References and resources

Background information about Oxfordshire County Council wider strategy to make active travel and public transport quicker, safer and more convenient, benefitting residents’ quality of life, air quality and the environment, and the funding that will enable this vision to be achieved:

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Benefits of LTNs

Impact of low traffic neighbourhood schemes on road safety – road injuries halved in LTN areas:

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Air quality

Analysis of air quality in established low traffic neighbourhood scheme in Waltham Forest: no significant increase in air pollution on main roads, possibly due to overall reduction in traffic volumes. Compared with 2013 air pollution levels remaining unchanged, the reduction in air pollution in 2020 was estimated to translate to the population of Waltham Forest gaining 41,000 life years in improved life expectancy across the population:

  1. Dajnak D, Walton H, Stewart G, Smith JD, Beevers S. Air Quality: concentrations, exposure and attitudes in Waltham Forest. :34. (pages 8-9, 26) – 75% of air pollution in Oxford due to road traffic, and children’s lung growth stunted by 14% in Oxford – the highest of any UK city

Carbon emission and climate impact of increasing proportion of people using active travel:

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Article addressing common myths about LTNs:

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Pledge by councillors to consult residents:

  1. Pledge to listen to people on future transport schemes. Pledge to listen to people on future transport schemes. Accessed August 8, 2021.

Concern of traffic displacement and how ‘traffic evaporation’ means this does not happen:

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Impact of emergency service response times – scientific analysis finding no difference in fire service response times after LTN implementation:

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