How can we Share Our Cars?

At a recent presentation, Oxford resident Emily Kerr of Share Our Cars talked about the motivation behind the closed-loop car share scheme she set up with her neighbours in Iffley Fields and how communities can create their own.

Emily Kerr of shareourcars behind the wheel of a red car with a group of people in the background
Image: hiyacar

After noticing how little the cars on her street were used, Emily began to research how to launch a closed network car club using off-the-shelf technology. The scheme has been so successful that residents in other parts of Oxford are now looking to do the same.

At an online event hosted by Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, Emily told us more about this innovative community-led scheme and what was involved in setting it up.

You can find a recording of the presentation and other helpful resources here:

DIY car-sharing
Please watch Emily’s presentation to get a sense of how YOU can start a DIY car-sharing scheme where you live.Here is a PDF of Emily’s slides.Here is an example Google Form to gauge intere

Getting started with your own loop

ShareOurCars - Setting up a loop
Want to set up your own loop?It’s really easy! We’ve had a lot of people interested in doing their own loops. Hiyacar can set them up either with a map which you draw a boundary on, or with a list of names, depending on who you want in your loop. We did a webinar on it recently. The link to it

More about Share Our Cars

Who are Share Our Cars?We do three things: Advocate for all types of car-sharingCreate ‘closed loops’, a new way of sharing cars in trusted groups with friends or neighbours in OxfordHelp people who want to create their own trusted groups in other parts of the countryWe want to make it easier
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Closed loop car sharing is a great way to help your community become more social and sustainable. We spoke to Emily Kerr of ShareOurCars, to find out how her community’s car sharing trial is benefitting the neighbourhood.
Who needs a car? We share one with the neighbours
Just seven weeks after setting up a car-sharing club with her neighbours, Emily Kerr and her husband, Professor Alexander Betts, decided to sell their own car.