Can you do the Possible car-free challenge this July?

Climate charity Possible is inviting us to Go Car Free for the month of July 2022. Those ready and willing to take on the challenge will be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes.

Silhouette of an adult and child walking and a person cycling against a "Going Car Free 2022" logo
Image: Possible

This month, Possible is asking:

Could you swap your daily commute or school run from the car to the bus? Or cycle? Could you go car free for a day? A week? A month? How about talking to your friends and family about the importance of clean air, active travel, and people-friendly streets?

The National Travel Survey for 2020 revealed that, in England, 25% of trips were under 1 mile, and 71% under 5 miles – distances that in many cases can be walked, wheeled and cycled.

Having successfully launched this initiative in London earlier in the year, Possible is now extending the challenge to go car-free to the whole country. London resident Funmi Shonibare, who took part in the first challenge said:

I switched my car for an electric family bike. Straight away, I enjoyed having a break from driving, especially on the school run. What was once an unpredictable journey often stuck in traffic was now a fun ride along the marshes and the canal. Suddenly the low traffic neighbourhoods and school streets made my journey faster rather than frustrating. And I could see that my daughter loved every moment of it, which gave me the fuel I needed to know that we were doing the right thing.

Read about how Funmi got on with the challenge here.

Closer to home

Here in Oxfordshire, the County Council is encouraging people to travel via buses to help combat the cost-of-living crisis, having identified an annual saving of up to £2,318.23 for full-time commuters switching from car to bus.

In its Cabinet decision of last week, the County Council approved plans to introduce measures to prioritise and invest in buses.

It also hosted its first Bus Summit, which included presentations from business leaders, bus operators and local authorities and set out how Oxfordshire can move to a net zero transport system, the actions needed to deliver this vision, and the role buses will play.

In another Oxford initiative, residents are being encouraged to share their vehicles for those journeys that need to be made by car.

Join the challenge!

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