Oxford’s sustainable future: what can we learn from other cities?

Ahead of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Cyclox will host a talk by Chris Goodall, a well-known expert on climate change and author of several authoritative books on the move to a low carbon economy, to look broadly at how all transport modalities must evolve to achieve a sustainable future.

Taxis, buses, cycles, lorries, cars crossing Magdalen Bridge in Oxford
Image: Cyclox

Oxford’s transport is at a crossroads, with proposals such as Connecting Oxford, the Zero Emission zone, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and improved bike lanes contending with concerned businesses and car drivers who see their mobility threatened. In the mix is our use of public transport which has been so hard hit by Covid and is struggling to regain its share of journeys.

Chris Goodall looks at the best of sustainable transport in other European countries to imagine the sort of future Oxford should be aiming for.

This online event took place on Tuesday 19 October. If you missed it, you can view a recording here: